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We are so pleased you'd like to share your creative work with Boda Journal.

Now, before you send your glorious content through to us, we ask that you please read the following submission guidelines and follow them to a tee when completing your submission. If your submission doesn’t meet our guidelines, it won’t be considered for publishing.

If your submission is successful, we will be in touch with a Q&A and vendor credits list. We respond to every email, so you won't be left in the dark. Please allow us 5 business days to respond.



- Unreleased, exclusive content (not previously published on any other platform)

- Real Weddings must have taken place in Australia.

- We feature elopements and micro weddings; weddings with a guest list of 15 or less.

- We like to see weddings with unique elements and a contemporary point of view.


- Unreleased, exclusive content (not previously published on any other platform, not previously shared on social media)

- All Australian based vendors + venues (fashion vendors excepted)

- Fresh point of view showcasing fashion forward and creative ideas

If you're unsure whether your submissions meets this criteria, do your research son! Browse through our journal to get an idea of our vibe.



- Maximum of 200 images presented through Pixieset or similar platform link (don't forget the download pin or any necessary downloading instructions)

- Images must be 2000px wide. jpgs only.

- Please ensure you present your album in chronological order of the wedding proceedings.

- Boda Journal only accept submissions from the photographer. Photographers, please ensure you have consent from your couple prior to submitting the wedding.


- Videos presented via Vimeo or Youtube link. 

- Maximum of 5 minutes in length.

- Please provide any password or pin to view/access the video. For successful video submissions to be featured, your video privacy must be changed to public.

Let’s do this!

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